Bos totaaltechniek

designs, develops, installs, and maintains high-quality electrical engineering and other systems for the widest possible range of sectors. For us, professional cooperation, an ambitious but realistic project schedule, tight direction of the project, and clear and explicit agreements lay the foundations of all our projects.

We are very pleased with the professional expertise and excellent service. They stand by their agreements and are very flexible in their way of working.

- Johan Peters, BikeTotaal



Light & power installations

Without switches, power sockets for machines and appliances, lighting, and electricity (230 / 400 Volt), it is not possible to provide comfort, services, or production.


Energy conservation & generation

Bos totaaltechniek has a keen eye for new sustainable techniques.


Data & communication

Continual access to high speed data is essential to the continuity of your operations.



Bos Totaaltechniek also provides all the equipment needed for protection against theft, fire, and unauthorized access or exit.


Cable management

Cable management solutions play an important role in the safe and efficient installation of electrical engineering systems.



Domotics refers to systems that achieve the optimum compatibility of the functionality offered by your installations and equipment with your personal lifestyle.

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